Quality Miniature Dachshund Puppies Raised In Our Home With Lots of LOVE By Our Family!
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        Princess "MarySue"

        Red Sable Longhair - 9 lb.

        MarySue is our little Queen of the house! She has a beautiful plush Sable coat! She's definitely the top dog of the bunch.

        Carries: Cream, Piebald, Sable

        One In A Millyon "Milly"

        Blue & Cream Silky Wirehair - 7 lb.

        Milly is a fun and energetic little girl! The sweet clown of the house... :) She also loves spending her days with Dad in his office!

        Carries: Dilute, Chocolate, Piebald

        Lovely "Rachel"

        Black & Tan Piebald Longhair - 7.5 lb.

        Rachel is a gorgeous second generation Little Paws baby. She is very loyal like her mama, MarySue and likes to be the boss too. :)

        Carries: Sable, Chocolate, Dilute

        Lil Miss Trust and Obey "Missy"

        Shaded Red Longhair - 6 lb.

        Missy is super sweet and full of personality! She loves everyone and looks forward to visitors as our little door greeter!

        Carries: Cream

        There Rings A "Melody"

        Black & Cream Dapple Longhair - 9 lb.

        Melody is a sweet 2nd generation Little Paws girl! She's one of our sweet Miriam's girls, and absolutely stunning! A perfect dapple!

        Carries: Chocolate and Cream

        Ministering Mary Magdalene "Maggie"

        Black & Tan Longhair - 9 lb.

        Maggie is a 2nd generation Little Paws girl! She is an absolutely gorgeous girl with a perfectly correct structure!

        Carries: Dilute, Piebald, and Sable

        "Gloria" In Excelsis Deo

        Black & Cream Dapple Longhair - 8 lb.

        Gloria has a very short structure and beautiful dapple markings! She is very willing to please and super smart!

        Carries: Chocolate, Cream

        Joyful "Joanna"

        Chocolate-Based Cream Dapple Smooth - 7.5 lb.

        Joanna is a little petite girl who loves as much attention as she can get. She is super sweet and very laid back!

        Carries: Chocolate

        Glorious "Freedom" Rapture Untold

        Isabella Based ee Cream Piebald

        Freedom is our sweet little third generation Little Paws baby, and granddaughter of our sweet Miriam.

        Carries: Dilute, Chocolate

        There Is A Calm "Galina"

        Shaded Red Longhair

        9 lb.

        Galina is 50% Russian and both of her parents are AKC Champions. She has a wonderful sweet temperament.

        Carries: Red

        Amazing Grace ("Gracie")

        Shaded Cream Piebald

        Gracie is a 4th Generation Little Paws baby. She is our Molly's granddaughter. She is super sweet and spunky.