Quality Miniature Dachshund Puppies Raised In Our Home With Lots of LOVE By Our Family!
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        One In A Millyon "Milly"

        AKC Blue & Cream Silky Wirehair - 7 lb.

        Milly is a fun and energetic little girl! The sweet clown of the house... :) She also loves spending her days with Dad in his office!

        Carries: Dilute, Chocolate, Piebald

        There Rings A "Melody"

        AKC Black & Cream Dapple Longhair - 9 lb.

        Melody is a sweet 2nd generation Little Paws girl! She's one of our sweet Miriam's girls, and absolutely stunning! A perfect dapple!

        Carries: Chocolate and Cream

        Lovely "Rachel"

        AKC Black & Tan Piebald Longhair - 7.5 lb.

        Rachel is a gorgeous second generation Little Paws baby. She is very loyal like her mama, MarySue and likes to be the boss too. :)

        Carries: Sable, Chocolate, Dilute

        "Gloria" In Excelsis Deo

        AKC Black & Cream Dapple Longhair - 8 lb.

        Gloria has a very short structure and beautiful dapple markings! She is very willing to please and super smart!

        Carries: Chocolate, Cream

        Joyful "Joanna"

        AKC Chocolate-Based Cream Dapple Smooth - 7.5 lb.

        Joanna is a little petite girl who loves as much attention as she can get. She is super sweet and very laid back!

        Carries: Chocolate

        There Is A Calm "Galina"

        AKC Shaded Red Longhair - 9 lb.

        Galina is 50% Russian and both of her parents are AKC Champions. She has a wonderful sweet temperament.

        "Natasha" (European Import)

        Chocolate & Tan Dapple Longhair - 8 lb.

        Natasha is happy to be in our home all the way from Europe! She fits right in and is truly a sweetheart. She is a very happy girl, always smiling and wagging her beautiful tail!

        Amazing Grace ("Gracie")

        AKC Shaded Cream Piebald - 7 lb.

        Gracie is a 4th Generation Little Paws baby. She is our Molly's granddaughter. She is super sweet and tags right along here with her retired grandma!

        Sweet Pea(ce)

        AKC Blue-Based Red Dapple

        Sweet Pea is a 3rd Generation Little Paws baby and also 1/4 Russian. She is out of our Joey and Galina. She is super sweet as her name says, but she is also very smart and energetic! She loves to play fetch!

        Carries: Dilute

        "Esther" Morning Star

        AKC Black & Cream

        This gorgeous girl is sweet and spunky! She loves everyone, especially the little ones!

        Carries: Piebald, Chocolate

        Princess "MaryBeth"

        AKC Red Sable

        MaryBeth is our first little princess from Madog - our Russian import and MarySue!! Super sweet and stunning, just like her mama!! She is a goofy little girl and her favorite thing is to jump right into your arms for a big hug.

        MaryBeth is a 2nd generation Little Paws baby

        Carries: Piebald, Dilute

        "Olga" (European Import)

        Black & Cream Dapple

        This beautiful girl loves everyone. We were happy to add her to our family from Europe and she fit right in! We can't wait to see what she looks like all grown up!